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Modify Contacts Synced to Outlook

Question asked by Kortnee Wilson on May 24, 2017

Hey Community,


Thought I would post the question out there to see if anyone else has run into this issue.


I have a situation where I need to add a few variables to the Contacts that will sync to Outlook. Does the Outlook link just utilise the standard API /Contacts? 


Here is what I am trying to do...


We have 2 Custom Modules (Type: Company) 

- Supplier & Vendors


I have modified the Contact creating a custom Fieldset field that groups Accounts, Supplier and Vendor that way when you look at the list view or the actual Contact you see the Company even though it could be 1 of Accounts, Supplier or Vendor. 


Now the problem is when Outlook Sync it will only Sync Account Name. In the vCard API I was able to extend it and override it so that if Account is blank then do supplier or vendor as long as they aren't blank and that works perfectly. 


The Question, what API does Outlook Sync Contacts with? is there a specific ARG to separate the Outlook calls VS the rest? I seem to remember OPI but don't remember.


Hope this makes sense, anyone with insight I would greatly appreciate and owe you


Thank you so much, all the best!