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Potential Bug: 7.9 Quote Line Item custom fields do not display when quote is loded

Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Richard Coleman

Add a custom column or two to Quote Line Items:



select a value for the custom field and save.


The custom fields show with their saved values, a query on the back end confirms that the values are saved. Right after the save the line looks like this:


Leave the Quote and go back to it, or simply reload the page, and the custom values do not display

There are no errors in the console.

Update any one of the fields in the line, save, and ALL the custom values are displayed again.


Reload the page. None of the custom values are visible. 


Dragging lines to sort differently will display all values again, reload the page or move away and come back, and the custom values are not displayed.


It seems that the custom values are not included in the initial load of the quote line items, but are loaded when the row itself is refreshed.


Note the difference in the number of model attributes in the view when the quote is first loaded (no custom fields and about 1/4 of the stock fields compared to the model after the QLIs are moved around)


And after the QLIs are moved around (sorry, had to split into 3 screenshots because there are so many more)