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merging of two installed custom modules

Question asked by Anup Kumar on May 11, 2017

Hi, i have done some customization (let say customization_1)on account entity(create.php, create.js, record.php,record.js files).

Then i created one  custom bundle through admin->studio.

imported that bundle into another sugarcrm instance and all my customization reflected on other sugarcrm instance.


Then again i done some fresh customization (customization_2). then i imported that customization on another sugarcrm instance having previous customization but my previous custumization was lost.


I want merging of both customization.


my requirement is "customization_1" + "customization_2"(merging of both customization) but after importing "customization_2", i lost "customization_1".


How can i achieve that.


Please help.