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Percentage of amount in opportunities

Question asked by Mareike Wondzenski on May 8, 2017


Sometimes, we do not invoice the total amount of the opportunity at once, but have various invoices (e.g. 50% invoice before an event, 50% afterwards) As it can happen that the invoices are sent in different quarters of the year, our forecasts sometimes are faulty.

Therefore, we would like to add "partial invoice" fields that contain the date the invoice is issued as well as the percentage of the total amount.

So basically I am looking for a way to hook up each partial invoice field with a date and a dropdown with percentages from 0 to 100% that corelates with the amount field - ideally the system alerts the user when the percentage of all partial invoice fields combined is more than 100%. I guess we will have to put in two fields for one partial invoice, one for the date and one for the percentage, but then have to make sure those two fields are linked for reports, forecasts, etc.

Of course we also have to make sure that the amount invoiced in quarter X and the amount invoiced in quarter Y are displayed in the correct quarterly forecast...

Could anyone help me solve this problem? Maybe it is impossible, then I'd be very thankful for tips on workarounds...

Thank you!