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Switching to memcached causes lost token

Question asked by Richard Coleman on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by Ilya Antipov



We just upgraded several customers to As part of this, we changed the session storage to memcached as per the install guidance.


Since upgrading, I've found that if a user does the following steps, their token is somehow lost, and they are returned to the login screen, stating their token expires:


1. Go to Admin-> Dropdown Editor

2. Select a dropdown (let's say sales_stage_dom)

3. Click save on the dropdown

4. Re-click into sales stage dom.

5. User is logged out (and a 401 error is logged in the console)


I can confirm that changing the session storage back to files resolves this issue. However, that is not what the install guide recommends, and we're keen to stay within Sugar's recommended specifications.


Has anyone else experienced this issue, or know what I might check?