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REST V10: How to get campaign logs and Campaign Responses

Question asked by Nilesh Shah on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by sugar.dennis

I would like to know how I can retrieve campaign members and campaign logs using REST V10 APIs. Here are my requirements. Also, my application is in C# .net, so any examples with Pure REST request would better help rather than PHP examples. In extreme case, PHP examples would be fine as i will at least get some reference.


1) I have a campaign ID and I want to get the campaign logs for the same


2) I have a campaign and I have a target list associated with the same. The campaign is successfully executed. Now, on the Portal, i see that when I click "View Status" against a campaign, I see the data of "Campaign response by Recipient activity". Ex. Message sent/attempted, Views Message, Click Thru link etc... I would like to know If i can get this data from APIs and if yes, how to get it?


3) For a particular sugarCRM instance, If I would like to browser DB schema of the same, are there any tools available? How can I get the DB connection string and any tool which takes connection string and I can visit the DB schema of the same?