Magdalena Pawlas

High traffic between db and sugar, long response time with API

Discussion created by Magdalena Pawlas on Apr 19, 2017

hi everyone, 


we have a big issue which we can not work out. 

using latest community edition on debian 8 with some custom modules we connect to sugar via API from our own web application. 

the SQL queries are pretty quick, slowest one is 0.48s. 

the huge problem is the bandwidth which is beeing used. with regular login check and connections from our application, we had 32 TB traffic. Only the login took about 14MBit. Switching some queries from API directly to connect to the DB we stripped it down to 4MBit, but for me, this is still to much load. 


on the attached screen you can see the bandwidth usage. the high peak is where I simulated 20 concurrent logins, which has already an amount of 20MBit and it stays at this level all the time, then I added 2 more logins and it raised much more. 

Does anyone have an advice or idea what the problem could be? 


With such a high load we are not able to roll out our software to a high range of users, our hoster said he assumes the server will stop responding with approx. 60-70 logins due to the high bandwidth load. 


thanks in advance,