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Advanced Workflow - Send Message to Related Email Addresses

Discussion created by Greg Barrass on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2017 by Greg Barrass

We are implementing the Sugar Customer Self Service Portal although this question really applies to the Cases module or any module really regardless. We know and currently use the Create Case from email functionality, but given we are implementing the Portal this is not suitable any longer.


We need to send an acknowledgement email to the portal user who created the Case but as best I can see Advanced Workflow does not provide the functionality to send the email to a recipient in a related module - the Contact linked to the Case. (The Contact Email Address is in a module (Contacts) related to the Cases Module not in the Cases Module. 


The problem flows on to other alerts we need to send to the portal user such as when we add a note to case, when the portal user hasn't responded within a certain timeframe or when we close the case due to a lack of response.


I note the KB Article on the SugarCRM web site illustrating the differences between Workflow and Processes and gather that this article is indicating this current deficiency.


Could anyone confirm whether I understand this limitation correctly or that I am in error and what is required can be done. If this is a deficiency, does SugarCRM have plans to remedy this and is there a timeframe ?