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7.7 Custom entrypoint randomly redirects to index instead of actual entrypoint

Question asked by ted moriello on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by Chad Hutchins

I have a custom entrypoint that I installed via the instructions from the 7.7 developer guide.  The entrypoint is a popup window tied to a custom action button in the accounts module.  Below is my JS function that pops up the custom entrypoint.  It will work for a few hours, then it starts popping open the window but redirects to dashboards instead.  At this point it will intermittently work.  Sometimes the correct window opens, most of the time it wont.  A quick repair and rebuild temporarily fixes the issue but then it comes right back an hour or so later.  


order_history_popup: function() {
var account_id = this.model.get('id');'index.php?entryPoint=orderhistorypopup&account_id='+ account_id, 'Order History', 'width=900,height=680,scrollbars=yes,fullscreen=yes');