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Color listview background not working in 7.8

Question asked by Joe Carter on Apr 18, 2017
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We have a change that we made and worked fine in 7.7 but now we have been upgraded  to 7.8 it has stopped working. We change the background color of a row if a drop down = 'Yes', Code below

extendsFrom: 'RecordlistView',
initialize: function (options) {
app.view.invokeParent(this, {type: 'view', name: 'recordlist', method: 'initialize', args:[options]});

this.collection.on('data:sync:complete', function() {
}, this);
render_colors : function() {
function() {
$("tr[name^='Leads']").each(function () { //loop over each row
if ($(this).find('div[data-original-title="Yes"]').length > 0) { //check value of TD
$(this).find($('td')).each(function () {
$(this).css("background-color", "#FFBABA");
}, 1000);


This now doesn't work, or is very very very intermittent.  Does anyone know if some changes have been that would affect this code.