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gather record teams from initializate function

Question asked by ROGELIO GOMEZ on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Angel Magana

We have a custom module where we want to controll some functionality based on the record teams, and allow some functtions based on this. When we retrieve the information the records is already displayed.


Is there a way to know a record teams, since the initializate function of the record.js for the view controller.?


What we are finding out is that if we retrieve this information on any other part, the information may be gathered at any time, even when the record and the view were already displayed.


initialize : function(options){
this.context.on('button:activities_pdf:click', this.activitiesPdf, this);
this.context.on('button:generate_pdf:click', this.generatePdf, this);
this.on('render', this.propietarioFunc, this);


if ((this.model.get("assigned_user_id") == this.acceso=true;


// Is it possible to know the registration teams at this point?