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Permission denied on Registration page (images attached)

Question asked by sachin chhajed on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by sachin chhajed


I am on ubuntu 16.04 VM via VMware 12. I am continuously getting this permission denied page, and it doesn't even let me move ahead even if i click NEXT.
I tried this link,
but it gives me this error. PFA 2 pictures. Please help.


We are trying to integrate this with Vodia PBX which will open up new sets of customers for you and us.
I am asking this after a week of searching for this answer, because i found answers to all my other queries here.
And i dont know which part of the permissions i am missing.
I opened a ticket with you as a last resort. I am a troubleshooting guy too, but i couldn't figure this one out by myself.
A little help of team viewer session is always appreciated.