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Issue when Record.js gets Exteneded by Multiple packages

Question asked by Atif Hussain on Mar 29, 2017

Developing an install-able package for SugarCRM 7



Use Case: 


   I need to create an install-able package for SugarCRM On Demand instances. I need to add a couple of buttons at    the end of edit drop-down of the record view in Accounts module. As highlighted below.  

   I am using Extension Framework for this purpose. 

   Now I need to add click actions for these buttons. 


   Following is my code to add my actions in file



        //add listener for custom button
        this.context.on('button:my_custom_btn:click', this.my_custom_action, this);
        this.context.on('button:my_custom_btn2:click', this.my_custom_action2, this);
   my_custom_action: function() {
        // my code here
   my_custom_action2: function() {
        // my code here


It works fine.



The problem is that my client had purchased another package from another provider that has the exact same scenario for a different functionality. 

That package is also overriding the same file and replacing the existing file via manifest.



Now the custom actions of only one package works (The package which is installed later). 

I tried by moving my record.js file to below mentioned location


In this case only actions in my package works. 



Is there any way or a suitable location where I can place my custom actions, and it don't stops the existing functionality to work ? 


Or a way to write my code that it appends my custom actions to the existing actions (Custom or default). 


need a way where the custom actions of each module can work simultaneously, either these tow or any others.