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Auto Archiving of emails using SNIP in projects module

Question asked by Venkatesh Prabhu on Mar 24, 2017

Hello All,


I want to archive emails automatically without using outlook plugin but using SNIP feature. I was able to do the same in cases module which is sugar's out of the box feature.


I have followed this URL : 


I want to do the same in project module - Whenever user sends email from sugar CRM's Email module by giving any unique field value (may be custom project number ) in subject using some macro (cases macro is [CASE:123]) and including unique email address (available from email archiving of admin panel) in cc then that particular email should get attached to specific project.


Auto archival of email to same project should happen even when customer replies to the same email thread(email which has sent from email module).


Note : I am using sugarCRM 7.8.0 Professional Edition


Thanks in Advance

Venkatesh Prabhu