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calculated fields - return specific value

Question asked by Cédric Raoul on Mar 22, 2017
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Hi all,


I have an odd request from my sales team and I'm not sure I can do  that. We do segment our accounts (companies)  per status. We have a dropdown that shows several value. 


We would like to do the same for our contacts in order to target our audience in a more effective way.


We are a small group with 3 different entities that we can call A, B and C


For example : 


  • John (contact) works for Company 1
  • Company 1 has the following status : Client C and Prospect A (multiple value from dropdown)


In the contact module, under John, we would like to have a calculated field that would do the following : 

  • check the value returned in Company 1 Status dropdown
  • As we have 2 values (Client C and Prospect A), Client takes the lead
  • Therefore, the calculated field should return "Client" under Max


If the value in Company x is either client or prospect, it should then return "none" in the contacts module. 


Basically, we are segmenting are contacts with 3 values : client, prospect, none

We need it to appear in the contacts module but calculated from the status field that appears in the companies module


Is there a way to have a formula that would check the value entered in a field, if it sees "client x" than it returns client, if it sees "prospect x" only, then it returns "prospect" and if it sees none of the 2 it simply returns "none" ? 


Sounds weird I know but I'm gladly looking forward to hearing from you guys. 


I thought about using the 

ifElse(equal(getDropdownValue but not sure how to implement it.