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download uploaded files by FTP

Question asked by jlabuelo on Mar 10, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Shapa Kishiev

Hello all

I have a quick question. We have been creating notes to contacts containing call recordings with them. If I use the UI I can go note by note, accesing the atchement file and hear the audio perfectly.

The issue is that now I would need to save all these audios to a CD and I thought about downloading all the files that are in the server in the /upload folder.

I can see that in the notes table of the sugarCRM DB, I can figure out the file_mime_type, and the name of the file but

1) How can I relate these entries in the DB with the files in the /upload folder in the server.

2) Uploaded files appear in the /upload folder as a set of files with no extension so when I download them by FTP if I try to open then with windows media player for example, I am not able to do it.


   Is there any way to download all the files atached in the notes by ftp and use them? (Even if we have to run an internal process to make any file transformation or something).


We have 3.2 GB of audios, and I would not like to go note by note in the system... would take forever!!!


Thanks a lot for your help in advance!