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Trim new line , line breaks from report Query

Question asked by Caim Astraea on Mar 6, 2017
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Is it possible to customize the reports in sugar 7.7 Pro to do filters on output fields?

Would need to remove the newlines from the accounts.shipping_address_city


The current query for the report is like

SELECT IFNULL(,'') primaryid ,IFNULL(accounts_cstm.v_nom_groupe_recopy_c,'') ACCOUNTS_CSTM_V_NOM_GR62C97E ,IFNULL(accounts.shipping_address_street,'') ACCOUNTS_SHIPPING_ADDR7BFE69 ,IFNULL(accounts.shipping_address_postalcode,'') ACCOUNTS_SHIPPING_ADDR1496A1 ,IFNULL(accounts.shipping_address_city,'') ACCOUNTS_SHIPPING_ADDR4D329C ,IFNULL(,'') l2_id ,IFNULL(,'') l2_name ,IFNULL(accounts.account_type,'') accounts_account_type ,IFNULL(accounts_cstm.v_inactif_c,0) accounts_cstm_v_inactif_c FROM accounts INNER JOIN users l1 ON AND l1.deleted=0 LEFT JOIN crit_typegrp_accounts_c l2_1 ON AND l2_1.deleted=0 LEFT JOIN crit_typegrp l2 ON AND l2.deleted=0 LEFT JOIN accounts_cstm accounts_cstm ON = accounts_cstm.id_c WHERE ((('13a73edc-c067-7936-c13e-55eec7c4440c' ) AND (accounts.account_type IN ('Customer','Prospect') ) AND ((accounts_cstm.v_inactif_c is null OR accounts_cstm.v_inactif_c='0') ))) AND accounts.deleted=0 ORDER BY ACCOUNTS_SHIPPING_ADDR1496A1 ASC


but there's no way to interact with it or change it.

Was thinking could run a trim on the field to remove the new line.

trim(BOTH '\n' from [field_name]) as field