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Disable delete from opportunity as per selected sales stage

Question asked by Muhammad Shaji Uddin on Mar 6, 2017

Hi All,


This is OOB functionality in SugarCRM that, any type of user cannot delete opportunities having sales_stage: Closed_Won OR Closed Lost (Delete button becomes disabled)


I need to to add more sales_stage values in this functionality and for the purpose I found below 2 files

1. modules\Forecasts\clients\base\plugins\DisableDelete.js
2. modules\Forecasts\clients\base\plugins\DisableMassDelete.js


The issue is if I copy the core files in custom and apply the changes than changes are not working but if I change direct core files than only changes are working successfully and this is not upgrade safe.


In this situation how can I achieve the required functionality.

Any help will be highly appreciable