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Help restoring backup from On Demand to Local

Question asked by Gabriela Voicu on Mar 4, 2017

I apologize that I am not that experienced looking after a local LAMP stack so I may be missing something obvious. 


I am looking to restore one of my On Demand backups to a local instance so I can test modules and other changes prior to risking my hosted instance.


I have deployed a basic LAMP setup using Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LTS and I am following the guide provided here:… 


I believe I have run through the prerequisites setup as needed and using a phpinfo page I can see that the server is responding and I think everything is correct.


After extracting the backup folder to my /var/www/html folder however all I get is HTTP Error 500 when trying to view the server.


The first issue I came accross was that my backup doesn't seem to contain the .htaccess file - I raised this to support who linked me:… 

I used the file from there as my starting point rather than one from my backup.


For some further info I have deleted the cache folder and then when refreshing the page I can see some files begin to populate the folder but it only gets as far as creating:class_map.

class_map.php; file_map.php

The modules folder - containing the subfolder Administration and the file Administrationvardefs.php


Past that point no further files are created and the server never shows anything other than the HTTP 500 error.


Please could you offer any advice on where to look / go next.