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How to deal with very large dropdowns?

Question asked by David López on Mar 1, 2017
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Usually the vast majority of the SugarCRM instances should be using DropDowns which do not render more than 10-15-20 options.


What happens if I need to create a DropDown that deals with, for instance, 30000 options? Imagine the whole list of cities of a given country. I have tried to load this list and it's just impossible (it takes a lot of time to render the results and the whole view starts to behave slow and not usable).


For the record/edit view I could set a dependency which only shows the cities that are inside a chosen state. That could be a solution, because then it will only be rendered the cities for that state.


I have also realized that the list actually renders well when you create a report and try make a filter using that list (because the reports module uses the old select/option field type for dropdowns).


The problem is when I try to create a filter for instance in the list view. As dependency dropdowns do not work here, it tries to load the whole list and the performance issues come again.


Is there anything we can do in order to deal with very large dropdowns in SugarCRM 7.x? Maybe paginate the results and not render the whole list in the initial render of field...


Thank you very much!






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