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Help Understanding Start Conditions

Question asked by Joshua Baer on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by Joshua Baer

I need assistance to best understand which start event for Process Definitions to use. Here is a simplified version of my flow:


Start event (run every time criteria is met) = When Date = not blank and Response Received= No
Wait for Date +30 days
Send email


Lets say I add my date and save the record. Id expect an email to get sent on my date plus 30 days. Lets pretend I expect that email to go out 1/1/2017
Now lets say I re-edit that date field before 1/1 and add a month to it. Now I would hope to expect my email to go out 2/1/2017.


Will the workflow still send an email  on 1/1, then again on 2/1?  If I add to the record a few times and save, will all the Start events be harmful or problematic?


The reason I desire setting my start event to every time updated is because my date field is likely to change through the life of the record, meaning the date for the email will change. Once I get a response, that record no longer enters the flow. Any advise is appreciated. Do you think this is a bad idea to manage this situation?