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between Account and Contact returns Failed

Question asked by ICT Milgro on Feb 24, 2017
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I use C# SOAP Webservice to create/update accounts and contacts.

When I try to set_relationship between the 2 the result is failed.


string SourceModuleName = "Accounts";

string SourceID = "1790";                             //ID of the added/updated account

string TargetModuleName = "Contacts";

string TargetID = "2844";                             //ID of added/updated contact

string sessionId = "6q6obe7vmv7t8261pi7k09iq33";      


name_value[] nameValueList = new name_value[0];       

string[] TargetIDList = new [] {TargetID};            


SugarCRM.new_set_relationship_list_result result = _client.set_relationship(SessionID, SourceModuleName, SourceID, TargetModuleName, TargetIDList, nameValueList, 0);

The result is the following


What am I doing wrong?