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Sugar Outlook Plugin Very Slow

Question asked by Viviane Rosa on Feb 22, 2017

Hi guys,


I have today upgraded my version of Sugar CRM from 7.7.0 from Pro to Ent

Then I have upgraded it to version 7.7.2 Enterprise


I have then installed the latest outlook plugin Sugar_Plugin_for_Outlook-2.3.0-Full


The outlook plugin is extremely slow to connect and I don't know what I should be looking at. It connects in the end but the wait is very bad.


We do have sugar on Windows Server 2008 R2 and IIS and SQL Server 2008 R2 and I am having it across all computers installed and they are all in Outlook 2010.


What could be causing it? And what should I do? Please


When connecting to Sugar Plugin from my computer it takes far too long and when I look into the logs I get:


2017-02-23 16:00:19,714 [VSTA_Main] INFO  SugarOutlook.OutlookReferences [(null)] - Starting Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft® Outlook®
2017-02-23 16:00:19,735 [VSTA_Main] INFO  SugarOutlook.OutlookReferences [(null)] - OPI Version: 2.3.0
2017-02-23 16:00:19,736 [VSTA_Main] INFO  SugarOutlook.OutlookReferences [(null)] - OPI Build Number:
2017-02-23 16:00:19,737 [VSTA_Main] INFO  SugarOutlook.OutlookReferences [(null)] - Office Version: Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit
2017-02-23 16:00:19,738 [VSTA_Main] INFO  SugarOutlook.OutlookReferences [(null)] - Outlook Build Number:
2017-02-23 16:00:19,740 [VSTA_Main] INFO  SugarOutlook.OutlookReferences [(null)] - Operating System Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 64-bit
2017-02-23 16:02:25,557 [10] INFO  Sugar.API.REST.SugarServiceHandler [(null)] - Connection error. Error code: '0'. Error message: 'The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.'. Retrying #1
2017-02-23 16:04:26,209 [10] INFO  SugarOutlook.SugarServiceController [(null)] - Sugar Instance Version : (ENT)


Thanks in advance to anyone that helps me.

Viviane Rosa