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SugarCRM version of "Journal Entries"?

Question asked by Stefan van der Westhuizen on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by sugar.dennis

Hi guys


We have been forced back to our roots as our company experienced some ill fortune, but before the ill fortune struck, and we were a thriving little start up we used SugarCRM as a CRM system until it wasn't enough for the then Ops Manager who replaced it with HEAT.


One of the reasons he had it replaced was because we had to create a case, and then update the different entries for the case (support cases mind you) in the same "Description" field.

Our community edition (which never really got any attention apart from a couple of cosmetic changes) was replaced by a super resource hungry HEAT which had the functionality to open a case, but to log any updates in different journals against the case which would follow up on each other (and the user could not delete or edit the journal entry) after the fact.

Now, that we have been forced back to our roots in an effort to safe the company we are dusting off the SugarCRM Community edition and again we are before this door.

Hence the reason of me asking the question as I need to find an alternative to our quickly reaching the end of life/support system we have with HEAT.

As I say, I helped the first admin to do some cosmetic changes to the then SugarCRM (think it was running on a linux box back then) but other than that I am not to sure about the in depth mechanics behind SugarCRM.

Hope you can point me in the right direction

Best Regards