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Assigning "Reports To:" So Managers Can View Users Records

Question asked by Bridget McCarthy on Feb 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by Bridget McCarthy

I have user Doe (assistant) and Smith (manager). In Doe's user record, the Reports To field has Smith selected. For Accounts, both Smith and Doe have "Owner" access set so that they can edit, view, delete records they are the owner of. I need Smith to be able to view Doe's records. I've read that when I save Smith as Doe's manager, Smith is implicitly added to Doe's private team and should automatically be able to view his records. But...that's not the case. Please help with this. My request to purchase a CE Teams plugin was denied by management and I've been told to figure out a way to get it done without spending money so if anyone can help with this, you'd be a lifesave. Thanks!!!


I'm using Community Edition 6.5.16. 


UNRELATED: Also, is anyone else having problems logging in...I had to register a new account just to post this question because I keep getting an SSO login error.