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Sending Time Based Emails With Advanced Workflows

Question asked by Joshua Baer on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by Harald Kuske

I have a date field that is named Report Due. This date gets manually set 10 months in the future when we receive some documentation from a customer. I need to send email reminders before the date, on the date, and after the date if conditions are met (if we did not receive the needed reports.)


Initially I thought this would be simple, but it gets more complex as I go about designing it. First off, I thought making an Advanced workflow trigger off that Report Due field being set (9 months out, 10 months out and 11 months out), but the problem is that the date may change if the customer contacts us and asks for an extension. I can not find a way to resolve this. As I understand, dates are set in the timeflow database and the date field in my record changing will have no effect on the db times. Is this accurate?


Another issue is that we have hundreds of old records that need the email sent and I do not understand how to get those records involved in the newly created workflow.


Is it possible to have a workflow check for a date field and if it is today, send an email? I can create multipple date fields that get calced.  Or is there other methods to send out an email based before, during and after a date of conditions are not met?