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User management with REST API

Question asked by admin guy on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by Viktor Ranga

Hello! I've seen a few posts where REST API details were asked and the answer was… 


I also see documentation to create Users… 


So, are Accounts different from Users? When would we create a User and when would we create an Account?


Also, the 2nd link above for Users talks about "linking". I'm not sure what linking is about. I just want to create users. Is there a separate REST API for that? Also, please share the User schema. I would like to know what fields in the request are mandatory, what are optional and what are read-only (e.g. id field of a user can't be updated).


I'm looking to do the following operations on Users.


1. Create a User (POST)

2. Update a User (PUT or Replace, PATCH or selective update)


4. GET A User (GET)

5. GET All Users (GET)

6. GET All Users with Pagination. Like only 100 records at a time.

7. Filter Users with some criteria. First Name, Last Name, User Name, Email Address, etc.,