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How to prevent custom datetime field to be saved with rounded-off seconds value

Question asked by Roland Cadavos on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by sugar.dennis

Hi All,


I have an after_save logic hooks that copy the date of date_modified to a custom datetimecombo field. But when it is triggered, there are 2 rows being updated in the audit logs and there are values that the seconds are being rounded-off.


date_modified2017-01-27 22:20:172017-01-27 22:24:03
custom_date_c2017-01-27 22:20:172017-01-27 22:20:00
custom_date_c2017-01-27 22:20:002017-01-27 22:24:03


Anyone knows how to fix this or any tweaks? Tevfik Tümer, Alex Nassi, Dennis Wangerin