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Highcharts - Title UTF-8 characters not showing

Question asked by Ramon Marcondes on Jan 27, 2017


I'm using Sugarcrm Enterprise 7.8.

I've successfully implemented a custom dashlet showing a funnel chart with Highcharts plugin.

The problem is that only in the chart title label, any UTF-8 character (like 'á', 'ó', etc.) is not showing.

Even the JSON data that I feed to the chart is showing the characters correctly.


This is a part of the javascript code, where the 'title -> text' parameter is defined:

            chart: {
                type: 'funnel',
                marginRight: 100
            title: {
                text: 'Relatório Mensal Movimentado x Vendedor – Geral Mês Atual',
                x: -50


This is a example:


According to the html code in the browser console, the site is in UTF-8:


The Highcharts plugin is called via external HTTPS url, using a Sugar developer plugin called ScriptLoader, as this tutorial shows (the script is not loaded by tag <script>, so, no way to set something like '<script charset="utf-8">'):

Using Script and CSS loading plug-ins for easy Sugar integrations « Sugar Developer Blog – SugarCRM 


There is any way to set UTF-8 characters in the title label?

Any help would be appreciated.