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SugraCRM form with divs and UiKit

Question asked by JJ Spelman on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by JJ Spelman

I am trying to replicate a SugarCRM form using Uikit and divs instead of the original tables that were used.

I cannot seem to get the form to process after converting all content to Uikit specific layout.

The Uikit version is here:

The oroginal Tables version is here:

If you just click on the submit button, the tables version will throw a warning about not completing all fields. In the Uikit version, nothing happens.

I think I may have messed this up somehow when converting to uiit layout but after 3 hours am at a loss to figure it out.

Anyone have any ideas? I would greatly appreciate any insight,