Mustafa Miniato

Workflow action to update target record not accepting value

Discussion created by Mustafa Miniato on Jan 19, 2017

I'm working on a workflow that will update a field in the target module if the value of another field meets my conditions. I'm using Sugar Enterprise.


This should be cake, however when I go to add the action of "Update fields in the target module" and select the field and value that I want set, that value will not save. After hitting save, the field and value are both left blank in the action description (screen shots of this below).


The field I am trying to update via workflow is a custom Dropdown. When I select the value in the drop down and hit save, that value will not show up in the workflow actions panel. I am able to use this action to update other custom fields previously created by other users, just not the fields I have personally created (Dropdown or otherwise).


The reportable and mass update settings turned on for this particular Dropdown field. I'm struggling to figure out why this workflow action is allowing me to select the value of other drop down records created by other users, but not the Dropdown field I've created even though the settings match exactly.


Below are screen shots showing the Dropdown editor, the Field editor, and the workflow action to "update field in the target module" and the value not being accepted after saving.


  • Dropdown and Field editors:

Dropdown editorField editor

  • Workflow action to update field in the target module:

Update field in target module Value added to field

  • Value and field are blank after save:

Value not saving


I have tried everything I can to get this working but cannot figure out why this is failing only for fields I have created. All help is greatly appreciated!


Thank you in advance.