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Is it possible to create a drop down menu within the "search lead" view list?

Question asked by Maximilien Chargueraud on Jan 16, 2017

Sorry in advance if the question is trivial. I am quite new to Sugar (using the open source version). I am open to any advice or solutions to my problem (use another module, another strategy etc etc), see picture for illustration.


I would like to create for the same lead (same contact name, company name, address...), a drop down menu field (countries) giving me depending on the selected country (All, France, Germany...), a certain value for another field (Volume MW, in this case). Can you actually do that in Sugar?


At the minute (see attached), I am forced to create several leads with same company name & details, but with two different countries and volumes when essentially it is the same lead. 

Would you have any potential advice on how to see this and fix my problem (maybe each case as a different product attached to one lead)? Thanks in advance.