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process author with incorrect time stamp

Question asked by David Liu on Jan 16, 2017

Hi All


I have two processes which were both created by different users. 

They are both for testing purposes for later development. 


I currently have a TimeDelay stage set in both my processes where it works in one and doesn't work in the other.

My Calculation for the TimeDelay is currently (DateField) - (1d), where the date field is for a future date. 

The action after the TimeDelay is to send out an email to our clients and a reminder internally.


I have noticed in the history that, where the one that doesn't work, the timestamp is of the past, the timestamp is displayed is Yesterday giving the status "a day ago", and the other one is of the correct timestamp giving the date and time in which it will execute in the future giving the status "in a day". 


I have checked the settings of both the users and found that there timezones were different but I have made them both the same. I ran the same tests, but the error still occurs.


Any help/suggestions would be helpful. 

I am on SugarOnDemand v. (Build 316)


Thanks in advanced guys.