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Extending Advanced Workflow - Customizing actions

Question asked by Groupe Sugar on Jan 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by Kishor Mali



Accordingly to Sugar 7.8 Technical Overview, I am trying to extend the advanced workflow by followingthe exemple given (Capitallize action ).

The goal is to capitallize every fields of the bean given.



I created 3 files :
My JSGrouping located in : custom\Extension\application\Ext\JSGroupings\capitalize_action.php
My custom action definition call in : custom\include\javascript\psme\capitalize_action.js
And my custom action class located here : custom\modules\pmse_Inbox\engine\PMSEElements\CustomPMSECapitalizeName.php


I did a quick create and rebuild and I repaired Javascript and JS Groupings.

I also reloaded the entire page but I can't see my customized action in PMSE.

Did I forget anything ?


Many thanks,