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Overriding generic pdf generation code

Question asked by Gilles Ducret on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by Federico Ricci

Hi I have been asked to evaluate SugarCRM for our company. The product looks good. We have a need to customise the generic PDF reports.

I have read the document and understand we can provide custom PDF generation for specific modules.


As we would like any kind of PDF to be impacted we need generic code.


The requirement is: when reports are printed in PDF, we would like to mask some fields (e.g. John Smith becomes JXXX SmXXX).


Would it be possible to override one given method, so that during generic process, we can call a method with the table and field names and return the masked value).


I understand PDFManager factory can be overloaded. It seems we can use PDFManagerHelper class to parse the fields. Is it possible to override/extends PDFManager helper class?

Do you see any other method to achieve this?


Many thanks in advance