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Custom Filters with Related Module Having Select Empty?

Question asked by Emil Maran on Jan 11, 2017

I need in Tasks modul, in ListView and Dashlet Listview, to filter Items by "Related to" without specifying any Item in Select field which means parent_id ~ empty and parent_type = 'Accounts'



For the moment I was able create a custom Filter, based on "Sugar_Developer_Guide" example. 

This filter selects all Tasks having parent type "Account" and It works fine.


'filter_definition' => array(
'parent_type' => array(
'$equals' => 'Accounts',


From "Filter"->"Create" I am not able to create such filter because when "Select" from "Related to" is empty, this filter selects nothing.



Is any other way to achieve such a goal using Related to from this screen from above?