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create a bean email - custom code

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jan 10, 2017

Hi there


Need to ask for an advice to check if what I am trying to get is possible. We are using Sugar CE 6.5 and in our configuration I have a logi_hook custom code that I use to send mails to contacts when a "trigger" is fired.

The issue I am trying to solve is that I am trying to send this mail, but also I would like to attach it to the History of Actions of the contact


I guess what I need to do is (somehow if it is possible) create a Bean Email, full fill the data I need, relate it with the contact, but dont know

a) if this is possible

b) how to send it

c) how to create this bean "email".


The content of the body of the email is dynamic, I mean I can not use a template as the text in the email changes a lot depending on each situation my code goes through, so what I do is creating the HTML of the content everytime I need it to be sent.


Any suggestion, or link we can follow to achieve this?

Thanks a lot in advance for your time folks!