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Issue in exporting Daily worklog of tickets in Sugar on-demand

Question asked by Bhavya Bhushan on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by Patrick Sullivan

Hi All


Happy New Year to you !!!


I am having some issues with reporting in Sugar-on-demand.

So, was hoping if you could help me out. The issue here is :

I have a team of 15 people working on Sugar on-demand Enterprise (6.7.13) for handling Cases.

So, is it possible to extract their daily wok log at the end of the day from sugar, I have tried a lot but unable to do. So, if possible, please help me with that.


What I am looking for :

A work log which can be exported to Excel and it should contain all the details of each ticket handled by each user.


Please let me know if it is possible ??


Thanks for looking.



Bhavya Bhushan