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Loan Broker Setup, anyone come across?

Question asked by wonay on Dec 26, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by ahvaghasia

Hello all,


I am an admin of a financial broker and we are in the process of updating our sales support system and wonder if sugarcrm is suitable for the purpose. As a broker, we have both a handful list of fund suppliers and thousands of referral organizations/individual. Customer could come in directly or through those referral organizations, and our sales people will find several offers from our fund sources and let the customers to choose from. We would like to keep track of all pipelines and know the % and reasons why some cases drop out. At the end of the deal, we need a system calculate commission in from fund sources and commission out to sales people as well as referral organization. 


Initially we intend to use the community version and i wonder if anyone here come across similar scenario? this should be a very common situation for any type of brokerage business.


Thank you very much.