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What is hideacl attribute ?

Question asked by Divya Priya Rajendran on Dec 21, 2016

For instance, when we call the metadata, we get the following result for some fields:

"team_count": {
"name": "team_count",
"rname": "team_count",
"id_name": "team_id",
"vname": "LBL_TEAMS",
"join_name": "ts1",
"table": "teams",
"type": "relate",
"required": true,
"isnull": "true",
"module": "Teams",
"link": "team_count_link",
"massupdate": false,
"dbType": "int",
"source": "non-db",
"importable": "false",
"reportable": false,
"duplicate_merge": "disabled",
"duplicate_on_record_copy": "always",
"studio": "false",
"hideacl": true


What does hideacl mean ? And can you also let me know if there exists documentation which contains the meaning of all attributes ?