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show seconds in datetimecombo

Question asked by ketan bhalerao on Dec 21, 2016

Hi Techies ,


I am trying to add 'Seconds' in Date Time Combo 


I have followed below steps, 


1) In config_override.php file I have added 


$sugar_config['time_formats']['h:i:s A'] = '23:00:00 PM';


2) Repair and Rebuild


3) Go to user Preference -> Advance Tab -> Time Fomat to above mentioned 


Now I can see the Seconds displayed on Record View -> 


01:30:35 AM


But When I press Edit, It Automatically get changed to -> 


01:30:0 AM

I tried to debug it , but it seems, timepicker() function is changing the formatting .. 

Do anyone get this working? 





Ketan B