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Showing converted currency value in record view

Question asked by Andrew Gin on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by Editha Kuske


On our opportunities page, for one field, we have the base currency and a non base currency. For some fields, it shows the opportunity's currency in a grey box and the value converted into the system's base currency.


However I cannot see in the studio how to enable this conversion; I have added a new field called Test Value as a currency type, but it does not show the converted field.


<div class="record-label" data-name="amount">
<span class="normal index" data-fieldname="amount" data-index="">
    <span sfuuid="41" class="detail" tabindex="-1">
        <div class="currency-field">
            <label class="original">€1,000.00</label>
            <div class="converted">£847.46</div>

The closest thing I can find is in



<div class="currency-field"{{#if dir}} dir="{{dir}}"{{/if}}>
{{#if transactionValue}}
    <label class="original">{{transactionValue}}</label><div class="converted">{{value}}</div>

which contains the template to show this conversion, but I don't know how to enable this for other fields.