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Question asked by Craig Mariner on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2016 by Patrick Sullivan

Hi Guys


I need some help in designing a score type record.  I want to have tick boxes that if ticked show a value and then a box at the end that adds all values up.  So user ticks 5 boxes if box is unticked value is 0 if ticked value is 30.  at the end there is an Overall score that has added up based on ticks and should reach 100, two tick boxes will be worth 5 each.


I have made two fields per question, one is a tickbox and the other is a Score box integar which has a default value of the score if ticked but this method is not working and the overall score box is calculated with add+ all field integars this is also not working.


Has anyone designed this method already?  Any pointers please?


Many Thanks