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Custom API not visible

Discussion created by Bernhard Leitgeb on Dec 20, 2016
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Hey dear Sugar Community,


i have a Problem with my custom API. I want to write an API for XML export of Quotes.

In "http://localhost/sugarpro77/rest/v10/help" its not listed.


When i try to call it from "http://localhost/sugarpro77/rest/v10/Quotes/export" i just get this result:


{"error":"need_login","error_message":"No valid authentication for user."}

Here is the code of my API:


class OpenTansApi extends SugarApi
    public function registerApiRest()
        return array(
            'OpenTransExport' => array(
                'reqType' => 'POST',
                'noLoginRequired' => false,
                'path' => array('Quotes', 'export'),
                'pathVars' => array('',''),
                'method' => 'OpenTrans',
                'shortHelp' => 'OpenTrans XML export',
                'longHelp' => 'OpenTrans XML export',
    public function OpenTrans($api, $args)
        return $args;

the path of my API is: "custom/clients/base/api/OpenTransApi.php".


 also tried the path:  "custom/modules/Quotes/clients/base/api/OpenTransApi.php"

but it didn't work either.


Would be awesome if you can tell me what I did wrong.


Thank You!