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Field enforcement based on member of child record

Discussion created by Alex Coppock on Dec 19, 2016
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I have a custom 'Products' module that has a many to many relationship with 'Accounts'. 'Products' has a relation field called "Preferred Vendor". Upon saving (in record view),

if (!_.isEmpty(perferredVendor) && !this.isVendor(perferredVendor)){
// add perferredVendor to the vendor list.

isVendor: function(){
   var vendorArr = the array of child vendors

   if(preferredvendor is in vendorArr){

      return true;


      return false;


Q1: is this the best course of action or is there a better one?

Q2: how do i get the vendorArray and how do I add the perferredvendor relationship


the bean .php documentation on how to do this is pretty well defined, but the .js documentation on how to do this seems nonexistant. Is there a better source for .js documentation?