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Outlook Email Tasks Won’t Sync with SugarCRM’s Task Module

Question asked by Braden Nelson on Dec 15, 2016

We are having an issue where certain tasks won’t sync with SugarCRM from Microsoft Outlook. If we mark an email for “follow up”, that will create a task in Outlook. However, these tasks won’t sync with SugarCRM. If we create a “New Task” in the “Task” pane in Outlook, those tasks will successfully sync with SugarCRM. We don’t change the process in that task pane. Our current process is, select the task in the “Task” pane, then select the option “Mark to Sync”, & “Sync to Sugar” then a dialogue box is quickly displayed at the bottom right in Outlook. This same dialogue displays when creating a “New Task” within the “Task” pane but a confirmation message is quickly displayed. We do this for all tasks, regardless of how they are created in Outlook. Please let me know what steps need to be taken to make sure that both tasks types will be synced with SugarCRM properly. Also, the other modules, such as modules, sync properly with SugarCRM. Thanks!