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How can I generate reports off a Multiselect field that has several values in it?

Question asked by Shafique Kassam on Dec 9, 2016

How can I report on a multiselect field? It has options like several occupations: Doctor, Student, Nurse, Retiree, SelfEmployed, etc.


I want to run a report that shows me the counts of all the professions. If I do a filter query that says "Occupation IS Doctor" OR "Occupation IS Student" OR "Occupation IS Retiree" OR "Occupation IS SelfEmployed", then I only get those values that are single selections.


If a record has "Doctor" and "Student" selected, then it is not included in this filter.


I tried to use the "IS ONE OF" query, but now I get results like:


Doctor: 50

Student: 30

Doctor,Student: 10


How can I get a report to show me that there are 60 Doctors and 40 Students, instead of the breakdown above?