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ugarCRM REST api performance issue

Question asked by senthil ramadoss on Dec 7, 2016

We have used SugarCRM REST api in out Microsoft visual studio C# code using SugarREST api. Its taking 15 seconds to load call activities data. Please help us to fine tune this this performance issue.

here is my c# mvc code

public ActionResult getActivitiesBydate(string accountid, string fromdate, string todate)

SearchOptions options = new SearchOptions();
options.query = accountid;
options.max_num = 30;
var activities = Sugar.GetActivitybyAccountId<SugarRest.Model.Activity>("CallActivities/filter", options, fromdate, todate);
return Json(activities, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);


here is my parameters


request.AddParameter("filter[0][$and][1][account_id][$equals]", options.query);

request.AddParameter("filter[0][$and][0][$and][0][activity_date][$gte]", fromdate);

request.AddParameter("filter[0][$and][0][$and][0][activity_date][$lte]", todate);


Thanks in advance