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How to attach Word/PDF documents to a Quote?

Question asked by Stefan Despotovic on Dec 5, 2016

I need to attach a document to my quote. When I go to quotes, select a quote, and then chose to download it as PDF file I want the document that I attached in a quote to follow with it in the same PDF file.



For example, if my quote says:



   Hi my name is Stefan, here is your quote.



   Product: Car
   Quantity: 1
   Price: 100$
   Total: 100$




   For more information Contact our support!

And now after my this that I made myself in the PDF Manager I want the document that I attached to be shown. Let's say I attached this as a Word/PDF document and it came out as it is in Word/PDF.



    Best Regards!
   General terms and conditions for your Product:
   ... more text ...


How can I do this?
Thanks in advance!