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REST V10 Module Labels

Question asked by Divya Priya Rajendran on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by Divya Priya Rajendran

Hi I use the sugarcrm on demand. When I call the rest v10 metadata api for a particular module(GET, /metadata?module_filter=Accounts), I notice that under the labels section, I get something like the following:


"labels": {
"en_us": "cache/api/metadata/lang_en_us_base_ordered.json?v=OZ1AiGys-_bpZr_Nqpc53A",
"bg_BG": "cache/api/metadata/lang_bg_BG_base_ordered.json?v=OZ1AiGys-_bpZr_Nqpc53A",
"cs_CZ": "cache/api/metadata/lang_cs_CZ_base_ordered.json?v=OZ1AiGys-_bpZr_Nqpc53A",
"da_DK": "cache/api/metadata/lang_da_DK_base_ordered.json?v=OZ1AiGys-_bpZr_Nqpc53A",
"de_DE": "cache/api/metadata/lang_de_DE_base_ordered.json?v=OZ1AiGys-_bpZr_Nqpc53A",
"el_EL": "cache/api/metadata/lang_el_EL_base_ordered.json?v=OZ1AiGys-_bpZr_Nqpc53A",
"es_ES": "cache/api/metadata/lang_es_ES_base_ordered.json?v=OZ1AiGys-_bpZr_Nqpc53A",




I understand this refers to the various languages that you can use but HOW TO GET THE LABELS OF THE PARTICULAR MODULE THEMSELVES ??


Thanks in advance for the help.